Beautiful, casual, yet modern. I design for silver as though it were as precious as gold and platinum, combining it with semi-precious stones such as blue or yellow sapphires. Oxidizing (blackening) it gives the metal complexity, definition, richness and dimension...perfect for a pair of exotic Gloriosa, Madonna or Sunray Lily Earrings, or an elegant Bead Bracelet, a Leaf Necklace, or a Chrysanthemum Ring.


Old world, talismanic and impressively weighty. Its different colors allow a playfulness in design...a pink Pear, a green Star Anise, a yellow Pine Cone emerging from the metal like sculpture. Leaving traces of the raw gold casting skin showing through, or sandblasting in between the leaves of a Goddess Ring contrasts high polished ridges and velvety matte finished grooves, just like the glossy surfaces of flower petals hiding their soft underbellies as they drink up the sun.


Bold, independent, luxurious. Hard as steel, defiant even. So it's tempting to give in and not ask much of it. But I like to coax gentle curves and ridges into its resistant surface, giving it a chance to show off a bit and become more than just the plain band that holds a diamond in place for generations. Masculine and feminine, simple and sophisticated, delicate and strong, platinum is exquisite, romantic...and classic.

Giselle Minoli

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