I'll meet a woman at a business meeting or dinner party... watch her strolling through Central Park with her daughter, or practicing Yoga next to me at the Shala on Sunday morning... and I'll find myself at brunch or back at my Studio sketching out a pair of earrings or a ring I think would become her.

So too were each pair of cuff links inspired by one of the many interesting men I have met -- a painter, a jazz musician, an investment banker, a lawyer, a doctor, a chef... A man dresses up with a minimum of accessories, and to me cuff links are the most elegant, classic and mysterious choice.

Whether it is someone I know or a perfect stranger, the women and men with whom I come into contact each day -- their energy, their passion for what they do, their personal styles -- are the inspiration behind every piece of jewelry I've ever designed.

Giselle Minoli

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